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  • Dodson & Horrell Ultimate Balancer - 10kg
    A comprehensive, high specification, low calorie feed balancer suitable for all horses and ponies whatever their workload, including laminitics and breeding stock. It is fully balanced with all of the essential vitamins and minerals your horse or pony needs on a daily basis and will also provide your horse or pony with anti-oxidants to support health.
  • Science Supplements Linseed Conditioner - 15kg Bag
    As well as improving the shine and health of a horse's coat, this fully balanced and ready to feed supplement is packed with protein, oil (30-40% in weight) and omega 3 fatty acids which enable weight gain and is a safer source of energy. Specifically designed to maintain overall health, it is also suitable should your horse display signs of stress and illness through a dull coat and poor body condition.
  • Topspec Antilam - 15kg
    A palatable, pelleted multi-supplement designed to provide nutritional support for those susceptible to, being treated for and recovering from laminitis. It contains a range of highly effective supplements pelleted onto a high-fibre, very low calorie base.
  • Topspec Comprehensive Feed Balancer - 20kg
    Promotes muscle development and topline. It contains a broad-spectrum supplement and many specialised supplements including a hoof supplement, anti-oxidants and digestive aids. It is designed to balance the rations of most horses and ponies, whatever their workload, simply by adjusting the rate at which it is fed and the products it is fed with.
  • Topspec Lite Feed Balancer - 15kg
    A palatable, pelleted product designed for good-doers in light to medium work. It combines a broad-spectrum supplement and a hoof supplement with a high-fibre, exceptionally low calorie feed. It will not promote weight gain when it forms part of a calorie-controlled diet.
  • Topspec Cool Balancer - 15kg
    For horses and ponies that need extra condition but no fizz and that are in light to medium work. It is a non-heating, cereal grain free formula with low levels of starch and sugar, plus good quality protein. It provides a very palatable, safe and effective way to improve condition and topline without adding excess calories to the diet. It stimulates condition whilst delivering a formula that not only avoids exciting horses but also includes ingredients that may reduce anxiety and help horses relax.