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    Offering vitality, all round vitamins and minerals or specialist supplements for joints, performance and competition.


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  • Horse First Relax Me Now - 30ml Syringe
    A compact, lightweight syringe which is convenient and easy to use. No wastage and very palatable to the horse. Concentrated 30ml dose given as an aid to settling nerves and stomach 2 hours before performance.
  • Gold Label Tranquil Plus - 1kg
    A scientifically balanced blend of herbs reputedly able to assist horses to maintain calmness. Does not impede performance. To be fed continuously to horses with vices in or out of the box and animals which are fretful, nervous, excessively active or excitable when ridden. A new formulation with magnesium and passion flower, which is more effective and is suitable for use under FEI rules.
  • Gold Label Magnesium Plus - 1L
    A liquid calmer and mood modifier for equines. Contains a high level of magnesium to maintain the integrity of the nervous system and natural B-group vitamins from brewers yeast to enhance the effect. Highly bio-available magnesium for rapid absorption. Totally legal under all rules. Maintains the efficiency of muscles.
  • Gold Label Glucosamine Pure - 1kg
    Provides the best type of absorbed glucosamine on the market. Helps maintain healthy joints and provides as a precursor the building block for synovial fluid and articular cartilage. One tub will last 6 months.
  • Gold Label Liver-Rite - 900 g
    A safe and valuable herb to maintain a healthy liver. Silymarin detoxifies, cleanses and supports the natural healing process of the liver. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger.
  • Gold Label Hoarse Sweets - 18 Pack
    Soothing throat lozenges that can be used by both horse and rider. Contains anise oil, menthol and peppermint. The sweets are individually wrapped in a handy sweet jar.
  • Gold Label Equilax - 500 g
    Helps maintain a healthy bowel. Contains natural fibre which is useful for gastro-intestinal function and creation of a soft bulky stool. It swells in the gut and moves accumulated food including sand and soil.
  • Gold Label Bladder-Rite - 1kg
    Contains pure cranberry powder to help maintain a healthy urinary tract. The acid from the cranberry, which is far stronger than any other juice, alters the bacteria that cling in the urinary tract. It maximises the creation of hippuric acid.
  • Gold Label Pure Vitamin C - 1kg
    Anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger. Helps maintain the health of the capillaries and recommended for regular feeding to bleeders. Can be used in conjunction with meadowsweet or rue.
  • Gold Label Rue - 1kg
    A natural source of rutin. Derivatives of this herb are used in human medicine to maintain the health of the capillaries. Use in conjunction with vitamin C.
  • Gold Label Parsley - 1kg
    A culinary herb also reputed to have diuretic properties.
  • Gold Label Hawthorn - 1kg
    Optimises cardiac output and circulation.
  • Gold Label Digestion Enhancer - 5kg
    A harmless natural straight feed supplement containing 73% silicon and twenty-five identified trace elements. To be fed daily to raise nutrient absorption. Improves the consistency of faeces and prevents malodorous gases. Can help deter wind-sucking and cribbing.
  • Gold Label Charcoal Compound - 1kg
    A complementary feed supplement containing a scientific blend of pharmaceutical grade activated charcoal and kielselguhr. Helps support good digestive health and absorbs toxins. To be used in the presence of diarrhoea, flatulence and bloating. Unfriendly to intestinal worms.
  • Gold Label Cpm Liquid - 5L
    A convenient molasses-based feed supplement which ensures that sufficient calcium and phosphorous is absorbed to maintain a healthy skeletal system. Ideal for pregnant mares and growing stock.
  • Gold Label Cush-Trol - 900 g
    A nutritional supplement for horses and ponies demonstrating Cushing's symptoms. Consists of pure milk thistle seeds a source of silymarin which is a liver detoxifier and cleanser, blended with agnus castus a herb reputed to be a hormone suppressor. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger. Also useful for horses that suffer from astoria and after prolonged medication or those with food allergies.
  • Gold Label Molasses Liquid - 5L
    Highly palatable liquid to mix with feed. An essential food additive for fussy eaters and those that need instant energy.
  • Gold Label Green Lipped Mussel - 450 g
    Maintains healthy and pain free joints in horses. Fatty acids and naturally occurring chondroitin and other GLAs combine to lubricate joints, support the elasticity of ligaments and aid the shock absorbing properties of cartilage.
  • Gold Label Devils Claw Powder - 900 g
    A complementary feed supplement containing 50% devils claw in a limestone flour palatable base. A natural product with anti-inflammatory properties to maintain healthy tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints and support recovery from injuries. Not suitable for pregnant mares.
  • Gold Label Franckincense - 500 g
    The natural alternative joint supplement for horses to support the muscular skeletal system, reduce joint discomfort and maintain mobility. Gentle and soothing on the gastro-intestinal tract and colon, assists in forming firmer droppings.
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