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Dark Brown

HKM Western Sidepull - Dark Brown


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  • Dark Brown Dark Brown

HKM Western Sidepull - Dark Brown

Quick Overview

This bridle is made of quality soft leather and incorporates a rawhide nosepiece, giving an even and directional pressure over the nose.

The bridle is a 'sidepull' design which is quite self explanatory - reins are attached to either side of the nose, giving a direct aid by moving the horses head to change direction.

Because the reins are attached at the side of the bridle, sidepull bridles (if used correctly) allow the rider to give very clear aids and turning signals for left and right. A perfect bridle for starting young horses or as a training device for older horses who are stiff and resistant to turning.

The sidepull bridle is believed to help many different types of horses - many horses have had their mouths injured by poorly designed and badly fitting bits, unbalanced hands or harsh training methods. To protect themselves, many horses will fuss and chew on the bit, toss their heads, clamp their mouth and often become stiff and difficult to stop or turn. A sidepull allows the horse total freedom and leaves the mouth alone - it allows him to relax his mouth, jaw, head and neck.

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  • Heavy duty fittings
  • Quality leather
  • Without reins
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