EQyss Mega-Tek Equine Rebuilder - 473ml

A revolutionary new formula from American grooming super-force EQyss. EQyss specialise in producing ground breaking new formulas of lotions and potions that are completely natural, safe for all and are renowned for being exceptionally effective. This new formula is effectively an intense conditioner that is designed to strengthen the whole hair follicle from root to tip without the use of synthetic polymers, thick oils or petroleum based products.
All from natural sources, the products are eco and environmentally friendly too. As everyone who uses EQyss products will agree, their formulas of natural products are not only effective, they smell absolutely divine too!

The Mega-Tek Rebuilder encourages robust re-growth in areas affected by scarring and rubs - it is especially useful on winter rug rubs on shoulders withers and for boot rubs, girth sores and galls, bridle rubbing or anywhere that hair has been chafed or rubbed away by the use of tack or other products.
It has been proven to make hooves grown faster also and encourage healthy new horn and make them up to 30% stronger - brilliant on sand cracks, dry brittle hooves and also those that are soft and compromised.

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Mega-Tek makes hair healthier and stronger so that the mane and tail will not break easily. Amazing results when used on manes that have been rubbed off by combo rugs and neck covers. Particularly useful for sweet itch sufferers who have rubbed their mane and tails due to itching. Great on brittle manes and tails and to fill out healthy ones too - adding length and thickness to manes, tails and also feathers on horses too. An essential for showing.


Makes hooves grow from 10-50% faster and makes them 30% stronger. Sand cracks are reduced, quarter cracks heal faster - barefoot horses benefit greatly and those with shoes - they'll hold better.

Directions For Use:

Leave on wet, clean hair for five minutes and then rinse off in daily use. Mega-Tek can be left on the hair without any harm and will offer continuous benefits. In more dedicated cases - putting onto the tail and then bandaging can help rubbing and horses tail growth - this would not have to then be rinsed off. Use as often as possible for best results - usually 2-3 times per week would offer good effects. As the product is an excellent moisturiser and conditioner, it can replace the usual conditioner used for the horse to remove tangles and knots easily from the mane and tail.

On injuries, skin problems or blanket rubs -the product can be used daily too. A small amount can be applied to a wet or dry coat. 

For use on hooves - apply daily to the coronet band, wall and frog. Use daily or as often as possible.

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