Carr, Day & Martin Belvoir Tack Cleaning Duo

Carr, Day & Martin Belvoir Tack Cleaning Duo

  • £21.95

The value pack for ultimate cleaning of your all leather products and tack!

The Belvoir range from Carr, Day & Martin is the original and the best - with a clean smelling scent, these bottles are the new Equimist 360 style. The Equimist 360 is a patented design that allows it to be used at all angles (even upside down!) and provides a continuous spray when depressed.

The Tack Cleaner is the original and the best, restoring leather to its former glory. The cleaner offers a deep down protective cleaning that removes grease, sweat, dirt, grime and mould. Even ingrained dirt and grease is easily lifted to the surface and wiped away. The anti-fungal formula prevents the growth of mould and mildew and the pH neutral spray will not rot stitching or over dry the leather. Perfect to use as Step 1 of your tack cleaning routine, the Tack Cleaner Spray can be put directly onto leather and then rubbed in and cleaned off with the use of a sponge or damp cloth.

The Tack Conditioner is Step 2 of your tack cleaning process. It conditions, protects and supples saddlery and all leather work.
The pure, clear quality soap is formulated from natural products including vegetable oils, coconut oil and no harsh chemicals that will damage or degrade the leather. As leather is a natural product, the formula is readily absorbed and utilised to nourish and care for the leather. Ideal for regular use, the added glycerine in the product ensures a rich glossy finish and prolongs the life of new leather and restores older leathers with ease.