Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer


Protexin has developed a 'gut balancer' to balance out all these changes and keep the gut calm - often resulting in a calmer and happier horse. The formulation contains high levels of probiotics and prebiotics - both of which are not included in many balancers, gut supplements and other digestive supplementary feeds.

Also useful for those horses who do not get the most out of their feed and can drop weight, the gut balancer can slow the movement of food through the gut to ensure that nutrients are absorbed. Horses who suffer during winter on a haylage-only diet and can have scouring episodes are also very much helped by daily feeding of this supplement.

The pro and prebiotics included in the gut balancer are combined with valuable yeast, all of which is on a palatable alfalfa meal base to ensure that it is not left in the bottom of your horses bucket. The supplement is designed specifically to encourage normal digestive function and efficiency. Ideal for every day use to keep your horse in tip-top condition.

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