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LeMieux ProSport Suede GP Square - Turquoise

LeMieux ProSport Suede GP Square - Turquoise


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LeMieux ProSport Suede GP Square - Turquoise

Quick Overview

These LeMieux Squares are a best seller for a reason!! They are beautifully created and all aspects of the pad have been thoroughly thought of and adjusted to be the best of the best.

A classic saddle pad now available in general purpose cut this beautiful suede square sets new standards in style & comfort. Now established as the iconic LeMieux look when combined with matching polo bandages and fly hoods there are colours to suit most horses and tastes. Designed to fit a wide range of general purpose saddles with its high wither, standard long straps & signature girth protection area. The luxurious suede top side is complimented by a new super soft Bamboo lining to absorb & control sweat under the saddle and are beautifully comfortable and secure - minimising friction. It is breathable & cool to wear with natural wicking, deodorising & anti-microbal properties - often described as having the strength of steel with softness of cotton. Bamboo lining is incredibly hydroscopic as it controls sweat, absorbing more moisture than pure cotton & polyester fibres. 

A close contact square with a luxurious brushed cotton effect with a very soft smooth feel - it is also dirt resistant which is great for helping to brush off any dust or mud from the pad. They are designed for the active horse in mind, offering performance, durability and maximum fabric performance. The swan neck design ensures the best fit around the whither and allows freedom and breathability - whilst also looking sleek and professional.